Photo Gallery – Romania

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Simon & Freddie with Eugene

A stop for refreshments and water on the top of the Mountain

John with our boys and friends

Barnie singing along with the band

At the BBQ in the woods

Lunch in the Monestery

Our first meal in Romania

Simon and friends

Monestery in Toplita

Inga and her candyfloss!!

Viorica, one of our Romanian friends

Inga from Latvia with John

Our boys with their Macedonian friends

Outside our Hotel

Friends together, English, Romanian and Latvian

Cooking our lunch at the Hunting Lodge

drinking mountain water

With Teddy, Freddie bought this for his sister at the Fair

Outside our Hotel

Part of the Botanical Gardens

Freddie trying the chillies!!!

AFTER trying the chillies

Fresh water from the Mountain to drink