An Enjoyable visit to Novi Ligure, Northern Italy – September 2015

by Sue Clutterbuck on October 7, 2015

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at the gun club

Weekend visit to Novi Ligure, Northern Italy – September 2015



My weekend in Novi Ligure was one of the best I have had there.

I arrived into Genoa Airport on Friday afternoon and was met by Fabrizio from the Municipality who took me to Novi and my usual hotel.

I had a walk around the old town which is very beautiful and then dinner in the hotel restaurant. As usual the restaurant was extremely busy and I had an excellent fillet steak meal and Prosecco.

Saturday morning I had an appointment with the new Mayor. Roberto picked me up and was also our translator. It was an interesting meeting talking about what we could do together, an ongoing project.

After the meeting I was taken to lunch to a typical Italian restaurant where the food was special.

I was then taken to the shooting club where I met my friends Mino and Gian Luca, father and son and both are champion shooters.

Two hours of shooting with full bore pistols.

The Club has just finished a new range which has some fantastic modern equipment. This club is one of the best in Italy.

Sunday was the open vineyard tour. Roberto and his girlfriend Alessia looked after me for this day.

We managed to visit 7 out of 14 vineyards. All the vineyards had their wine on display for all visitors to taste. Food was also offered with the wine. It was raining when we started at 10.30am but luckily by midday the sun came out.

Some of the vineyard Manor Houses were magnificent. A very enjoyable day so I am looking forward to my visit next year.

This weekend is open to any interested people for the wine visit or the shooting or both, just let us know.


They were shown how to open a champagne bottle with a sword

They were shown how to open a champagne bottle with a sword



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