About Us – updated April 2013.

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The New

Bicester Community Twinning Association


This new Twinning Association has been set up to be totally independent and to be run as a Community Twinning.


Families, youth,  couples and singles are all important to us; Twinning is a great way to travel and to meet new friends from all walks of life.

When we visit a country and have a great time, at some stage in the future we would have these new friends visit us here in Bicester and obviously those that travelled we would like to take part in these reciporical visit. 

If you wish to visit a country and would like to stay in a hotel/B&B  this is acceptable and in some European projects we have stayed in hotels and this has been covered by the project.

We want people to enjoy experiences with friends in Europe and we acknowledge being hosted can be off-putting.  Once you meet people from other countries this may then become less daunting.


We receive great hospitaly while abroad and we must return this  hospitality and give our guests a great stay in Bicester.

We have had many experiences that we would never have thought of taking part in and seeing countries from a different perspective.

  A group of our youth are now university students and they plan to travel Europe by train this summer visiting their friends in Southern Italy, Latvia, Romania, Poland and Macedonia.  All things are possible!!


Great friendships have been made through Twinning.


Please contact if you wish to learn more……




About Twinnings – there are 3 styles of Twinning Associations


  1. 1. The Civic Twinning (this is common in the UK)  This is Town Council organised.


  1. 2. The Community based Twinning  – which is what this new twinning is, a more ‘grass roots’ twinning association for the people of Bicester.



  1. 3. The third option is a bit of both, Civic & Community

The New Bicester Community Twinning was formed in June 2009.

It was decided for various reasons to set up the new Community Twinning to enable this new association to be progressive and to work with a positive and sincere attitude.